Artist Statement

All life’s lessons can be learned by observing nature. As a mixed media artist I have used natural objects both as inspiration and physically in my work for many years. I am constantly inspired by the forms, relationships and elements of time in these objects as they deconstruct. I find brilliant metaphors for aging and life in these natural objects. Since I travel often, I often use objects such as rocks, wood and craft items that I find in different places in my work.

On my website I have included work from over the years including constructed enamel paintings of majestic landscapes, watercolors from around the world, constructions and sculptures of found and natural objects and finally, books that incorporate all the learning and investigation that has come before… paintings and photographs of nature, montages of natural elements, handmade papers, sewn and folded bindings. I enjoy the experimentation in various media and choosing the appropriate format for my concepts. My concepts vary with inspirations from popular culture, metaphors for emotions and the realities of life found in nature and pure imagination. My years in graphic design have influenced the design of my digital books. I began writing poetry a few years ago and these have inspired several books of poems and images.

I also enjoy collaborating with other artists especially on work with an international interpretation.